Words in Creation


The Snowman Song


I am a little snowman.

I am so fat and round.

I started from a snowflake.

And fell upon the ground.


I have two buttons for my eyes,

A hat upon my head,

And a great scarf of red.


Watch me as I melt to the ground.




Spring is back !


Spring is back !

Birds are singing,

And the flowers are out.


          Look, here is a rainbow.


Spring is back !

Trees are blooming,

And the sun is out.


          Listen, there comes the mild wind.


Spring is back !

Grass is growing,

And the bugs are out.


          Feel, nature is breathing.


                                    Séverine Sory



     Animal Rimes


Sheep have teeth,

To chew better.

Cats have hats,

To go party.


Snails have rails,

To go faster.

Birds have shirts,

To be pretty.


Spiders have trousers,

To look nicer.


Ants have pants,

When it's cloudy.


                    Séverine Sory


Ladybird in Autumn


Quick ! Get in the house !

The sun is hiding,

Temperature goes down.


Quick ! Get in the house !

The fog is coming,

Must find a new home.


Quick ! Get in the house !

The leaves are falling,

Cold wind is in town.


Where are you little ladybird ?

Come in and you will find shelter.

In you are my piece of the summer,

In you are my favourite colour.


                                          Séverine Sory



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How to make a Snowman ?



To make a Snowman you need much Snow !

2 snowballs, one big and one small.


To make a Snowman you need 2 Sticks !

2 sticks, but be careful it sticks !


To make a Snowman you need a big carrot !

For the nose, but don't take it hot !


To make a Snowman you need Pebbles !

For his mouth, and shirt. He shivers !


To make a Snowman you need a Scarf !

You're cold in the neck with no scarf !


To make a Snowman you need a hat !

A hat is warmer than a cap !



There you are ! What a nice Snowman !


Séverine Sory


Will Bee


I will tell you a s tory,

The story of a bee.

Or how from an egg,

I became a bee.


I was born in a warm hive,

An egg in a hole.

Mummy bees fed me.

I became a worm.


Then somebody shut the door,

Letting me rest more.

I slept for 12 days.

I became a bee.


Do you know some of my friends ?

Animals as well,

Whose bodies changed too,

From an egg to,...


                  S. Sory






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